Lua Developer Alexander Darius

Alexander Darius

Mid-level Lua Developer
5 years experience

£15 - £25/hour

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  • Web development experience working on domain modification, business mapping and small to medium scale business transformation of core functions.
  • Experienced on both Front End and Back End Development
Work Experience

Web Developer / Consultant
September 2017 - Present
  • Migrated Disney Cruise Line website from old PHP version to full Frontend site with Nodejs and Angularjs. DCL is an online booking website for cruise lines and hotel accommodations
  • Technologies: HTML, CSS, Javascript, AngularJS, NodeJS
Application Developer
August 2015 - December 2017
  • Worked at a high tier web development involving multiple transactions and processes within its business domain. Mapping, creation and distribution of respective aspects in regards to the business rule. Includes N-Tier software architecture and domain driven designs.
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC, SOA, MS SQL, Azure, HTML, CSS, Javascript / JQuery, AngularJS, PowerBI, C#, EPiServer CMS, KnockoutJS, NodeJS, Sharepoint,
Full Stack Software Engineer
April 2014 - July 2015
  • Handled multiple projects. Created automation for project’s tools up until to deliverable. Built software for project’s workflow together that includes data processing, logistics and finance. Applied software architecture designs for every system in accordance to scrum and extreme programming methodologies.
  • Technologies: ASP.NET MVC. C# console apps, WPF, PHP, HTML, CSS, Javascript / JQuery,, MySQL, Python

Bachelor of Science in Information Technology
2010 - 2014
Nova Computer College
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