The biggest challenge for ResearchBods’ Technical Director David Naylor was the long time it took to hire a developer due to the competition in hiring and the lack of highly skilled tech resources.

When David found Cloud Employee, he had access to a large tech resource and immediately found his dedicated developers. He was particularly satisfied with the quality of the output and level of care the developers put in their work.

With a mission to connect businesses with the top developers from the Philippines, Cloud Employee ensures to provide quality customer service and to establish good long-term relationships with our partners.

To deepen this working relationship, we offer clients with a minimum of three team members an all-expense paid trip to the Philippines to meet and work with their Cloud Employees. Watch  David share his experience with Cloud Employee in the short video above.

“One of the things Cloud Employee enabled us to do is work quickly to deliver our products to the market, to gain a larger market share, to get new customers, and ultimately to retain our existing customers by the new features. Our team at Cloud Employee is at the top of their game in the industry and the location that they’re in. We’re working with top talent and as a result of that, we get top results.”

David Naylor, Technical Director, ResearchBods


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