Through our dedicated developer model, Cloud Employee has successfully connected startups and businesses around the world with elite software developers from the Philippines. Beyond providing a clean and comfortable office environment and reliable management, we make an effort to foster long-lasting partnerships. Our developers often become integral team members of their clients as their respective businesses grow.

Through our client-oriented services, we ensure that every project is taken seriously and every partnership is strengthened. Rest assured, Cloud Employee will support you in all of your tech needs.

Among our countless partners, Pete from Kicktag has been a pleasure to work with. Satisfied with our service, we thank Pete for sharing his experience with us below.

“Partnering with Cloud Employee helped provide us with talented and hard-working developers who quickly became a core part of our wider team in the UK. Our end clients have complex and changing requirements, so the agility of our Cloud Employee developers has always helped us keep up to speed. Communication and problem-solving are excellent, and the support from the wider Cloud Employee management is first class.”

Pete Ansell, Founder, Kicktag Web Solutions


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