What’s the “We’ve Got Your Back!” Promo?

Maybe you’ve been seeing the phrase a lot lately, and we hope that’s why you’re here! And don’t worry you won’t be disappointed to know why the community is buzzing about it!


In case you missed it, Cloud Employee launched its newest promo called “We’ve Got Your Back!” It offers offshore back office support at £399 per employee per month.*


The promo lets you pick among virtual assistants, lead generation, data entry clerks, and general back office support to help you manage your business as you focus on the bigger problems.


How does it work?

  1. *The promo is  £399 per employee per month, for 3 months. If you wish to continue the services, the following months will be at £699 per employee per month.
  2. Once you’ve registered on our Back Office Promo page, one of our account managers will personally talk to you about your application and job specifications.
  3. He or she will then source the employees as per your requirements and the screening of CVs will begin shortly after! There will be a final interview between you and your employee.
  4. The formalities (schedule, hours needed, tasks, etc.) will be according to the agreement you reach with your employee. Account managers will assist you throughout the process.
  5. Your employee will be given a workstation in one of our offices, complete with a desktop, headset, a web cam, among others.
  6. Et voila! You’ll have your employee ready to help you get your business started!


But what goes on Offshore?

Cloud Employee has been providing top-notch offshore IT services for almost 3 years now, expanding its offices in the Philippines each year. Although the Back Office Support Promo isn’t a usual offer here at Cloud Employee, our offices are fully equipped to to welcome your new employees!


Office space


Cloud Employee has offices in Cebu and Manila, two of the biggest cities in the Philippines. We pride ourselves for having spaces that help our team grow and be inspired. Our offices are well-equipped with the essentials plus great snacks!


Human Resources


You won’t need to worry about your employee’s attendance because you’ll have your account managers and our very own Human Resources to keep track of their performance. They will also be assisted by our IT guys to make sure that their workflow won’t be interrupted by any foreseen or unforeseen events.




Cloud Employee only accepts applicants with college degrees and at least 1 year experience in their line of work. We make sure that our employees are competent and ready to take on the tasks you need to help you jumpstart your business!


We know how hard it is to launch a business all on your own, and it’s even harder when you’re on a strict budget. That’s why we want to help you get started!


We’ve got your back! (office)

*subject to terms and conditions and only applicable in UK, Australia, and the US.

Pls note: Our Back Office Support Promo is valid only until October 2017.

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