Top 5 Tech Trends of 2018

As the technological trends keep on advancing in our digital era, 2018 is expected to be a big year for tech updates. The new year will serve a new wave of trends and disruptions that hopefully make work more convenient. These new technologies and trends aim to create better ways of communication, significantly changing our daily lives and interaction with one another.


Now, let’s take a look at top tech trends you need to watch in 2018.


Virtual Reality


With the rise of the 3D image that can be creatively explored, Virtual Reality also known as VR provides users with an extraordinary experience through the use of three-dimensional computer-generated environment.  VR enables users to become a part of a virtual world that they can immerse in along with the ability to manipulate objects and perform actions while inside the virtual environment.


Facial Identification/Recognition Technology


The boom of Face ID technology through different gadgets, made face recognition become a tech trend for 2018. Face ID recognition can be done in smartphones that are able to recognize the facial patterns of the users for a more convenient use of the device. As an indicator of personal data, it can also be used through smart vehicles to recognize owners and provides security for unlocking doors and opening trunks of cars.




Consumer electronics paved the way for the rise of Robotics, rapidly transforming the way people live and work. Robotics in 2018 will unleash more impact across industry sectors which leads to building and developing more robots in a way that it can solve real-world problems.


5G Network


Consumer demands to develop a faster internet connection drive the ever-increasing wireless networks which hold greater potential for better technology this 2018. This makes 5G networks to be 10 times faster than 4G network services. A 5G network can provide better user experience for consumers who can enjoy using different applications while streaming content videos. This 2018, the rise of 5G networks will be a step forward to next-gen internet experience.


Artificial Intelligence


Artificial Intelligence, or most commonly known as AI, is considered as the newest advancement in the digital era. It’s one of the most talked about topics based on press coverage when it comes to tech trends in 2017. AI technology is an artificial stimulation of human intelligence through the use of machines and computer systems.


It will play a great role in the automotive industry for its sensory perception, data processing, and action capabilities will give the user a total driving experience. It will also pave the way for machine vision where it will capture and analyze visual information using just a simple camera that can be compared to human eyesight for a wider range of applications in the medical industry.



These 5 tech trends are expected to make even greater advancements in 2018. While there is no doubt about the inevitable technological leaps this year, the implications of their use and the changes they represent for our reality and collective human behaviour is an ongoing cultural conversation for us. After all, we are the ones who are making and using them.



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