The New British Airways First Class Suite Review

Our Cloud Employee CEO Nick Hargreaves went on a recent trip abroad. On his journey back home to London from Tel Aviv, he got first class tickets on British Airways with his flyer miles. A regular first class flyer for 15 years, he has seen through a lot of changes for better or worse. Here’s what he has to say about the new British Airways First Class Suite.


The New British Airways First Class Suite Review

Journey Tel Aviv - London Heathrow


The new First Class suite of British Airways is by far the best product British Airways have had in first class. I have been flying British Airways First Class for some 15 years now and this is by far my most favorite product of British Airways.


The general feel of the product is one that is reaching for luxury and reminds one of the smell of leather, much like a new car. The suite, although not fully enclosed, offers privacy. I was in suite 1f and did not see any of my neighbors, unlike the previous British Airways product.


The suite has a wardrobe storage space alongside the footrest and storage where the new remote is housed.


Notable things about the new suite are the footrest and seating. For someone to join you dining is much easier as it is now movable and slides out. There is a side table that is new in the suite which is very handy to put drinks and personal things on.


The TV is now in front, a much better idea unlike in the previous product where the TV is stored to the side of the seat. Which can prove a pain when you are trying to finish a movie when the plane is landing as the air hostesses will store it away and you end up missing the end of the film. The suite also has a vanity unit with a side mirror.


The seat itself is extremely comfortable with British Airways choosing to keep the dial for you to adjust the seat in a lounge or bed position. The seating position is very comfortable with the large armrest.


When turning the seat into the bed position, the crew will add a mattress and duvet along with a pillow. The bed is extremely comfortable but is not comparable to Etihad First Class suite or the size of the Cathay Pacific First Class seat.


All the colours in the cabin are dark blue and grey with the suite being in a three-tone color of cream, blue, and grey.


The suite has all the needed chargers and iPod fitting allowing you to connect your movies to the large screen TV.


 British Airways First Class Suite Review - TVBritish Airways First Class Suite Review - Controls


All in all, this is a great first class product from British Airways and they have delivered their most comfortable seat yet, thinking of the customer and adding the practical extras like the side table and extra storage.


Although the product does not compare to the enclosed suits available, it for sure is a high competitor to the usual first class seats available.

Menus from British Airways again are average and I would expect more from a first class product.


British Airways First Class Suite dishBritish Airways First Class Suite Review WinelistBritish Airways First Class Suite Review dish 2


The entertainment system is very easy to use and holds hundreds of movies, games, and TV.


Although First Class British Airways always comes with a price tag, it is indeed a first class experience right all the way from the cabin décor, the dark grey color that gives it a cozy and private feel up to the refurbished toilets. The new British Airways First Class is by far their best to date.  Enjoy all the pictures and food choices they made available on this flight.


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