Fundraising Resources for Your Startup Part 2

This is part 2 of our fundraising resources for your startup series. Read here for part 1 of the series.


Founded in 2010 and based in Silicon Valley, AngelList started as as an online introduction board for tech startups that needed seed funding. Since then it has evolved into one of the largest platforms for startups and investors, as well as job seekers who want to work at startups. It’s a comprehensive resource for funding, resourcing, and investing in the startup scene. You can find angel investors, VCs, and even team members for your startup on AngelList. Accredited investors use the platform to source new promising early-stage startups. They can also invest alongside prominent angel investors through the platform’s investment syndicates.


Started by Avi Felman to enable founders being able to find investors by a set of criteria, VentureFocus is powered by funds from over 60 countries worldwide. It’s a curated database of 6,000 investors that you can search by stage, region, sector and more. You can access the platform online or export the database as a CSV depending on the level you need for a one-time purchase.


Launched in 2013 in Amsterdam, Dealroom is Europe’s leading platform for venture capital database. It tracks over 500,000 companies and nearly 10,000 investors in Europe from very early to late stage and buyout. It operates mainly as an intelligence platform that combines big data and machine learning.

For investors, Dealroom provides data for discovering and scouting investment opportunities in high growth startups. Companies and entrepreneurs get free access to the platform’s database of 10,000 investment funds, corporate investors and angels. Dealroom also has a Investor Finder tool that you can use to find the best potential investor for your startup.


Need workflow tools especially designed to help you manage the work of raising capital and building relationships with investors? Foundersuite gives you a suite of tools to do just that.

It includes a searchable VC database, a CRM to manage your investor pipeline, and an Investor Updater tool to help you manage investor relations. Also includes Startup Docs - set of spreadsheets and templates like pitch decks, founders’ agreements, NDAs and much more - and FoundersMarket, a curated collection of deals on the best startup tools and services.

Your First Investor

In search of a free tool that gives you an updated list of equity free funding options available across the world? Your First Investor is worth checking out. It maps out and lists information about different equity free funding programs. Check out the interviews of entrepreneurs who attended these programs. You can also subscribe to a weekly newsletter that includes info on application open dates for the programs.

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