Press Release: We’ve got your back!


We are excited to reveal our first ever Back Office Support Promo!


As a company that not long ago went through the start-up stage, we understand the struggles of handling huge ambitions with less staff and even less resources in your hands.


That’s why our promo lets you get a Virtual Assistant, Lead Generation, Data Entry, OR general Back Office Support at just £399 per employee per month*!


Hiring locally will cost you up to £1,949. If you avail of our offshore promo services, you’ll be able to have savings of up to 65% per employee!


All you need to do is visit our Back Office Promo page to sign up and get started!


Leave us to sweat the small stuff!
Back Office Sign Up button

*subject to terms and conditions and only applicable in the UK, Australia, and the US.T


Pls note: Our Back Office Support Promo is valid only until October 2017.

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