Our Successful Client: Sota Media Ltd.

After a long and difficult process of finding the right service provider, Lewis Bird, founder of London-based Sota Media Ltd., finally found a reliable outsourcing partner who has provided their startup with a skilled developer without the heavy costs.


Read below as Lewis shares his experience with Cloud Employee.



Q: Why did you choose our services?

Lewis: Cost and time savings. We do not have the spare time to recruit for our own developers and equally cannot afford to pay the high recruitment fees back in London. Not only did we save on the initial recruitment fees, but the monthly cost is also cheaper.


Q: How long did it take for you to look for the right service provider?

Lewis: We started looking into various options and services around 12 months prior to our first hire with Cloud Employee.


Q: By using our services, were you able to measure any reduced costs?

Lewis: If we were to compare this to using a recruitment company to directly hire a developer of the same standard in the UK, we have saved around £10,000 - £15,000 in recruitment fees plus a 30% per month saving ongoing.


Q: By using our services, can you measure any improvements in productivity or time savings?

Lewis: The first couple of months were mostly about training Rowel and finding the right way to communicate on projects, which, as you’d expect, required a lot of time and ultimately a dip in productivity. However, in month three, I can now see a noticeable increase in our output compared to before we hired.


Q: By using our services, can you measure any increases in revenue or growth?

Lewis: Yes. Currently, our revenue is dictated by our output, so now that we are producing more our clients, our revenue is increasing.


Q: Are you likely to or have you recommended our services to a friend or colleague?

Lewis: Yes, very likely; in fact, I have already referred a previous client of mine.


Q: How has our product impacted your success? Your team's success?

Lewis: One of our biggest issues is keeping up with the demands of our clients; we always have more work than we can handle at once. At the same time, we have been struggling to grow the team in London due to the high recruitment costs and being too busy ourselves to invest time in recruiting internally. Cloud Employee has positively impacted on our ability to service our clients by making the recruitment of developers quicker and more affordable.


Q: Have you thought about using our services for a new use case with your team or at your company?

Lewis: It’s still quite early days but I think there may be scope to push more of the development to Cloud Employee.


Q: How do you measure the value our services provide?

Lewis: I would measure based on our monthly output of work completed for our clients.


Q: What will it take for you and your team to get the most value out of our services?

Lewis: Communication and processes for working remotely. To me, these are absolutely key. If we can get these as close or equal to how it is when you have a team in one room, then the service will be of great value to us.


Q: What can you say about your overall experience in working with Cloud Employee?

Lewis: Very happy with the experience so far. From the initial contact to the recruitment process, and now the ongoing aftercare, the whole team have been immensely helpful and accommodating. I cannot praise them enough.




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