Growing the Company Through Growing the People

With our clients’ continued trust and our family’s continuous growth, Cloud Employee has been off to a solid start this 2019.


In the first semester, our company enjoyed a nearly 80% company growth while reaching an almost-perfect staff retention rate at 98%—something which we’re very proud to achieve especially being in the IT industry, where the turnover rate is exceptionally high.

Cloud Employee on the first half of 2019


We also continuously work hard to deliver quality services for our clients, and our efforts have helped us achieve a 98% client retention rate. Our average developers per client saw a 31.68% increase from last year with our existing clients choosing to expand their offshore development teams with us. Moreover, our services now reach nine countries: the UK, the USA, Australia, Bermuda, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and Sweden.   


Our headcount increase, coupled with our high retention, has been putting pressure on our current offices in terms of space this year. But this is a concern we’re delighted to have as it’s a sign that we’re continuously growing. To accommodate our growing number, we are looking to add more office spaces to be ready by 2020—office spaces which will continue to carry our signature interior design: a cosy work environment, wall art, biophilic designs, and recreation spaces. 


Employee engagement efforts

Our success for the past six months has been significantly influenced by our dedication to the well-being of our IT talents.


There’s a widespread workplace dissatisfaction in the tech space, and this is undermining the happiness and engagement of IT workers. According to a TINYpulse study, only 19% of these workers are pleased with their jobs. The situation can be worse for IT workers in the outsourcing industry, who often have to work alone from remote locations.


Cloud Employee CEO Nick Hargreaves understands this problem in the IT outsourcing industry, which he is actively addressing in the company:


“At Cloud Employee, we have multiple clients. A lot of our IT staff may have been seated next to somebody they aren’t working directly with, so the actual interaction within the company was very limited. This form of business can be very lonely, and this is something I want to address.”


Together with the management, he has worked on activities to boost employee engagement and improve staff retention at Cloud Employee. 


The After-Care Team

In outsourcing setups, constant and clear communication is crucial. Remote workers can be easily isolated and left in the dark in their roles because of the geographical distance, so continual feedback is key to keeping them engaged in their work. 


At Cloud Employee, we have an After-Care team whose responsibility is to act as a bridge between our clients and our developers, ensuring that all concerns from both sides are addressed promptly for a smooth working relationship. 


The After-Care assists our clients in giving their remote developers constant feedback so that they know what is expected of them, what they’re doing well, and what needs improvement. In the same manner, the After-Care assists our clients whenever they want to reward their outsourced workers for an accomplishment or a job well done. 


Employee Appreciation Day (Free Food Friday) 

One thing about the Filipino people is that they enjoy mingling with their colleagues and coming together for food. 


Every second Friday of the month, we hold an Employee Appreciation Day where we enjoy free lunch at the office. We also hold a short program on this day to give company announcements and recognise achievers and their accomplishments for the past month.  


Employee Appreciation Day
Taken during our Employee Appreciation Day last February.


Social Friday

Another activity we have at Cloud Employee is the Social Friday, held every last Friday of the month. As its name suggests, Social Fridays are meant for socialising and having a good time; so on this day, we share drinks, have some snacks, and also hold a short program with games and live music from some of our talented developers. 



Our tech professionals showing they can be performers as well.


Events like Social Friday help create a fun and lively atmosphere in the office despite the stressful nature of the work.


Annual Company Outing

Company Outings play an essential role not only in keeping employees satisfied and motivated but also in improving communication and encouraging teamwork in the team through fun activities. 


As the developers work in different teams, there are little to no opportunities for them to work together and bond. Our annual company outing is where the whole team goes on a weekend trip to participate in team-building games, and most importantly, relax, socialise.


For this year, our team held our annual company outing titled ‘Waterlympics 2019’ at Club Balai Isabel, Batangas.


Cloud Employee Waterlympics 2019


Cloud Employee Waterlympics 2019
Some photos from the games taken during our company outing last June.


Brown Bag Sessions

We may be in the IT industry, but our staff have the skills and know-how in other fields as well. This is the motivation for our Brown Bag Sessions at Cloud Employee, a casual event where people can share and teach things they’re passionate and knowledgeable about.


Cloud Employee Brown Bag Sessions


Cloud Employee Brown Bag Sessions
Photos taken during our Brown Bag Session last April.


For our first Brown Bag Session, we went on Facebook Live as Nick demonstrated how to make a classic club sandwich. Afterwards, there was a short competition wherein three participants tried their hands at making their own sandwich. 


As this event coincided with the monthly Free Food Friday, everyone tried the sandwiches and enjoyed some ice cream and popcorn at the side. 


Overseas travel (3 Up Club) 

This was a first for Cloud Employee. Nick brought with him our 3 Up Club on a trip to Taiwan for a quick but rewarding outing. 


The 3 Up Club was formed this year to reward employees who have been with the company for three years or more. And unlike usual travel incentives wherein employees travel on their own, our CEO took this chance to be with the staff and enjoy Taiwan’s tourist destinations together


Nick says the motivation behind creating this club was beyond rewarding the loyalty and hard work of the people. “(We have) employees (who) are not as fortunate to be able to travel so easily. I thought that rewarding people for their work but also allowing them to see other cultures and other environments will help them in the long term and help them understand different cultures—something essential in our industry.” 


Cloud Employee's 3 Up Club
Nick (middle) with the 3 Up Club at Taipei101




Facebook Workplace

Last year, we started using Facebook Workplace to aid our internal communication. We use the platform mainly to share company announcements and upcoming events, greet birthday celebrators, and welcome new hires, but we also encourage the team to share non-work-related yet interesting articles, photos, and videos. 


Buddy Program

To supplement our onboarding process, we assign our ‘Buddies’—those who have been with us for one year or so—to be paired up with new hires. These Buddies are tasked to help these new hires navigate through the new work environment by introducing them to the team, joining them for lunch, or simply answering their questions about the company. 


This may seem simple, but this Buddy Program has helped us ensure our recruits are able to adjust quickly and feel comfortable at Cloud Employee. 


Moreover, this program benefits not only our new hires but also our Buddies, who now have the opportunity to practice and hone their leadership and interpersonal skills through this program. 


Supper club 

This is an activity conducted by Nick himself. Every Wednesday, he invites a small group of developers to a dinner out, enabling him and the group to get to know each other more and build genuine relationships in a more casual setting. Through these dinners, people also had the opportunity to raise their suggestions and ideas on how to make the workplace better and more comfortable for everyone. 


Onto the second half

During the first half of this year, we’re proud to see our people continuously achieving milestones and delivering excellent performance in their roles and even outside the workplace. Moreover, we’re pleased to see our Buddies actively helping out our new hires as well, especially in this critical period of our business’ growth where we saw (and continue to expect) an increase in the additions to our growing team. 


2019 is still far from over, and we’re continuously working to continuously improve our services this year and go beyond offshoring. 


From our new offices and our expanding pool of IT professionals to our stronger and better employee engagement efforts, we’re gearing up for change. We’re gearing up for growth. And we’re excited to see what the rest of 2019 will bring. 





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