Featured UK Startup: Home Made

Through leveraging data analytics and technology, Home Made is building the future of residential real estate. Their platform connects great landlords with great tenants, ultimately making property ownership simpler, “one home at a time.” 


Company name: Home Made

Founders: Asaf Navot

Based in: Waterloo, London

Launched: 2017


Q: In simple terms, what does your startup do? 

Asaf: Home Made is a PropTech startup working to replace traditional estate agents. We are doing this by providing a high-quality customer journey and saving landlords around 60-90% of the usual fee they would pay with traditional agents. Powered by a unique operation model and smart technology, we have become London’s largest hybrid agency, working with thousands of private landlords as well as some of the largest institutional property funds across London.


Q: What problem/s do you seek to solve or help? 

Asaf: We are replacing a broken machine. The property industry is stuck in time, unable to keep up with the rise of ‘generation rent’ and evolving tenant requirements. Landlords and tenants alike are not receiving the service that we believe they deserve. We solve this problem by focusing on three key areas: technology, quality, and price. 

  1. Our technology and data enable transparent and secure interactions, half the time we match landlords with tenants, and drive smarter decision making on both sides.
  2. We combine deep property knowledge with the passion to deliver an exceptional customer experience. We offer Sunday and late evening viewings, and Whatsapp QR codes on every listing so you can contact one of our team instantly. Also, have made every step of the way digital (no more paper!).
  3. A centrally-operated, hybrid model means we are able to save landlords a significant cost and provide tenants with access to the entire London property market instead of just one borough. 


Q: Are you funded and how? 

Asaf: We raised £2.9M by a VC.


Q: What were you doing before you started Home Made?

Asaf: I was working for Bain & Company as a Strategy Consultant and before that, I studied my MBA at INSEAD.


Q: What inspired you to start Home Made? 

Asaf: My father was an entrepreneur, running his own company for 30 years. I learned from him how to lead people, design a vision, and focus on execution. 


Q: What are your goals over the next five years? Where do you see yourself and Home Made?  

Asaf: I want us to completely change the industry. In five years time, I hope Home Made will be the most trusted rental provider in the UK, and the partner of choice for a significant market share in the UK and Europe. We also want to continue to disrupt the customer journey, introducing additional ground-breaking developments and creating an extraordinary experience—one that’s effortless, fair and personal.

Image courtesy of Home Made. To learn more, visit the Home Made website.



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