7 Problems Only Devs Will Understand

Everyone encounters problems in their workplace and it’s no different for developers. Whether you’re a .Net, iOS, Android, Ruby on Rails, PHP or Python developer, it doesn’t matter. These seven problems are problems all developers go through while working on a project. Take a deep breath and brace yourself. You may not be able to control these things, but at least you can find comfort in the fact that you’re not the only one feeling this way.

“Vague Requirements"

Problems only devs understand: vague requirements

A client asks you to develop something, but the requirements are vague.

“Uploading Time Takes Forever”

Problems only devs understand: uploading time takes forever

You’re finished with your project, but it takes forever to upload online.

“Slow Internet”

Problems only devs understand: slow internet

There’s nothing more frustrating than slow internet or connectivity problems.

“Review Time Takes a While on Apple Store and Android Play Store”

Problems only devs understand: Review Time Takes a While on Apple Store and Android Play Store

You’ve already created the app, but then you have to delay the release because of lag time in reviews.

“Nothing is Really Done Until it is Released”

Problems only devs understand: Nothing is really done until it is released

It’s that scope creep trap; only developers will know how aggravating this is. You tell yourself it’ll end once the app or website is released, but who are you kidding? There’s always updates.

“Not Having Enough Time in a Day”

Problems only devs understand: Not having enough time in a day

Better known as the zombie syndrome, there really is no such thing as day and night because you work all the unconventional hours to finish your set of daily tasks.

“Lack of Storage”

Problems only devs understand: Lack of storage

For developers, storage is everything. Running out of space to save all your files is a health hazard.



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