7 Perks of Working at Cloud Employee as a Full-time Developer

Aside from working with leading tech and digital agencies from across the globe, working at one of our two modern offices in Makati brings a lot more perks than you might imagine. From a fun-work environment to competitive compensation, we’ve compiled a list of seven perks of working as a full-time developer here, rather than a freelance developer at home or at another IT-BPO. Here’s seven reasons why working at Cloud Employee is your next best career move.

Win-win Negotiation

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee: Win-win negotiation


Our robust Sales team takes care of you by eliminating the lengthy process of back-and-forth negotiating of salary and projects with clients that you’d be doing otherwise as a freelancer. Your set skills are matched with the needs of the potential client so that in the end both sides are happy. As a full-time Cloud Employee company, we ensure that your compensation is paid at a timely manner.

One-on-One Interaction

Perks of working at Cloud Employee as a Developer:  One-on-One Interaction


Unlike most major IT-BPOs, at Cloud Employee, each developer is given one client; the interaction with clients is one-on-one. Here, you will be able to form a more personal relationship with your client, as if you’re really a member of their own internal team. If you are unsure of your tasks, you are able to talk straight to the source. We like to see our clients and developers have a healthy and professional relationship with each other.

Work-Life Balance

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee as a Developer:  Work-life Balance


Depending on the time-zone of your client, your work hours will vary, but here developers are only required to come into the office on weekdays for their 8 hour shift with an hour lunch break. Also, as you are surrounded by your peers, you are provided a social work life that you wouldn’t have if you were working from home. Our company also organizes team building and outings which all employees are encouraged to join.

Reliable Tech Support

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee as a Developer: Reliable Tech Support


Strong internet connection, tech support and all the gadgets you need to do your work is provided for. You will never have to worry about not having the right equipment or replacing damaged or virus-infected tech because we have reliable tech support to handle all your worries regarding work needs.

Fun Work Environment

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee as a Developer:  Fun work environment


Apart from our monthly free food and free haircut friday, we offer daily free-flowing coffee and sandwiches which include burger patty and hotdog fillings on selected days. If it’s your birthday, Cloud Employee will celebrate it with you with a birthday cake. There are also in-house events like team building and company outings where all employees are encouraged to join. We believe in providing a fun work environment so that developers are inspired to work.

Health Care

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee as a Developer: Health Care


All employees are entitled to get the HMO package, which covers your clinical bills, including selected dental care. You can also add dependents to your package if you’d like, so not only will you benefit, but your immediate dependents as well. We also offer leave credits and sick leaves for employees who want to take a vacation or feel sick.

Competitive Compensation

Perks of working at  Cloud Employee as a Developer:  Competitive compensation


 In addition to competitive monetary compensation, Cloud Employee offers non-monetary benefits like possible trainings within or outside the country. If you are to work on a Philippine holiday, you receive extra pay. As developers work according to their client’s country calendar, we like to compensate your hard work during holidays.



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