[Infographic] Web Developers In Demand: Decoding Front-End VS Back-End

As the world runs massively on technology today, it is not surprising that IT professionals, software engineers, and developers are the most in-demand professions in the job market globally. With the exponential growth year after year of websites, applications, social networks, and proliferation of mobile devices, demand has also grown exponentially for highly skilled web developers.


For instance, if you’re a business owner who wants a website for your business or you need a system to keep track of your orders, inventory, and online payments, chances are you need a web developer. But what kind of a web developer? Is there a difference between a front-end and a back-end web developer? And which one do you actually need? In this infographic, we take a look into web developer specializations, key industry stats, and the global demand for this profession.

Infographic Web Developers in Demand



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