Things Only Developers Can Relate To

We have compiled memes and gifs of moments or situations only developers can relate to. I’m sure you didn’t choose the code life. The code life chose you.


1. When the intern wants to help me


2. When I go see the end users so they can explain their bugs

By MyLuckyDay


3. When I replace a select with a delete

By onggg


4. When I want to finish my dev before the weekend

By arnaod


5. When the client asks for a demo and I discover a bug at the app launch

By aiRSoL


6. When I go outside after spending my night coding

By the coding love


7. What Game Developers Do

Via Pinterest


8. What Web Designers do

Via Pinterest


9. What Software Developers Do

Via Pinterest


10. What Web Developers Do

Via Pinterest


11. When there’s a huge UI problem

By Maïa


12. Sure I can fix your website

Via Pinterest


13. Where programmers cry

Via Pinterest


14. Programming is like writing a book…

Via Pinterest


15. Hide and seek champion

Via Pinterest


16. Found a bug


Via Pinterest



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