10 Best Websites to Practice Your Coding Chops

Practice makes perfect. The same idea goes with coding. To become a better developer, you need to practice coding your program language. Many online programming courses offer free tutorials with videos and lectures. However, those can only take you so far. Coding challenges will give you a better experience since you apply your knowledge to the real thing.


To give you a heads-up, here are the best websites to practice your coding chops. Can you solve it all?


1. freeCodeCamp



Complete the coding challenges and build projects for nonprofits. This free online coding community contains tutorials to learn various coding languages and practice coding with tons of interactive exercises. The site is in partnership with nonprofits to help users gain experience and land a developer job afterwards. freeCodeCamp also offers verified certificates.


2. Coderbyte



Test yourself with a collection of the best coding challenges in Coderbyte. You can solve the challenges online using 10 different programming languages. The site also offers tutorials and coding exercises on data structure and algorithm.


3. DataCamp



Explore data science and code with the site’s online editor using Python and R. Their courses offer short quality tutorials and more on applying what you have learned. The site also lets you apply your skills to solve real-world problems.


4. HackerRank



Practice your coding skills in the largest learning and competition community. The site offers a lot of algorithm tutorials and tons of coding practices to choose from. Since the site also connects developers to companies, users can get hired by companies as well.


5. HackerEarth



Challenge yourself and compete with over three million developers worldwide. Join in various monthly coding challenges ranging from beginner to advanced level. HackerEarth supports over 35 programming languages and their platform can be accessed for free for developers. They have a wide range of practice tracks available such as Data Structures, Algorithms, and more where developers can learn and analyse their performance by solving over 100 problems in each of the tracks and rank on the leaderboard.


6. CodinGame



Improve your coding skills to the next level by solving tons of fun coding challenges in more than 25 languages. CodinGame lets you practice coding in pure code with online games. You can also learn other programming languages crafted by their top developers. Strengthening your coding skills could also land you a job with their partner companies.


7. TopCoder



Compete against other designers, developers, and data scientists in one of the original online competitive programming platforms. They have Single Round Matches offered a few times a month at a specific time. The top rankers are one of the best and hard to beat programmers.


8. Project Euler

Project Euler


Explore a domain of mathematical challenges that require more than mathematical insights to solve. The coding problems on the site give an inductive chain learning experience meaning each problem introduces new concepts that can help solve other problems. Unlike the other sites on the list, you can not code on the website itself so you would have to solve it on a sheet of paper.


9. Codewars



Solve coding challenges created by an online community of developers in Codewars. Since this is a community-based website, you can create your own code and discuss solutions on online forums for each coding challenge. The challenges on the site earn you a spot on their ranking system. The higher your rank, the more difficult your challenges will be.


10. LeetCode



Hone your coding skills and be technical test-ready for a job interview. With over 750 questions to solve and 14 popular languages to use, you can practice your skills and participate in contests along with hundreds of thousands of other users. LeetCode also has a “Mock Interview” so users can prepare for technical job interviews.






Master your coding skills with hundreds of practice exercises and compete in challenges depending on the level of difficulty. This Indian-based nonprofit educational initiative has a large community of coders who also contribute tutorials and forums. The site also partners with colleges and groups to conduct meetups, orientation sessions, and workshops.




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