Your 2017 Christmas Business Checklist

Christmas is just around the corner and everybody’s in a festive mood. Chances are you’re now busy filling in your Christmas shopping list, organizing your Christmas parties, and of course as a business owner, trying to get everybody to organize their work before they all head off to their Christmas vacations. It can be a bit overwhelming to manage all these so here’s a list of questions to help you build your own Christmas Business Checklist:


  • Have you organized your team’s work calendar?
  • Have you plotted your team’s vacation leaves and ensured you have a skeleton staff who will take over their work while others are off on a holiday?
  • Do you have staff on standby for emergency situations at work?
  • Do you have your employees’ contact numbers in case of emergency?
  • Have you notified your customers of your work hours during the Christmas season and the days you will be closing and resuming your work operations through your website and social media accounts?
  • Have you scheduled your automated email and phone responders for the Christmas holidays and have provided your customers an emergency number or an alternative point of contact that they can reach or the date when you will get back to their messages?
  • Have you scheduled your payroll payments for the holiday?
  • Are you aware and up to date with the rules of holiday pay?
  • Have you checked your finances and checked if you have outstanding invoices?
  • Have you scheduled your bills payment for the holidays?
  • Will you be showing your appreciation to your valued clients, employees and suppliers through Christmas greeting, thank you message or a gift basket?
  • Will you be organizing your company’s Christmas party? Will you provide small tokens of appreciation/awards to your employees for their contribution to the company? (This is a great way to end the year and an inspiration to start a new year.)
  • Have you updated your business plan for 2018?


These are just a few of our ideas but there are a lot more you can add to your own business checklist. This coming holiday, spend time doing what you love and devote time to yourself so you can come back recharged and refreshed and ready to face new and exciting adventures for 2018.


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