Top 10 Fitness Apps for the Daily Grind

January is almost over, but we hope your resolutions haven’t halted to a stop yet! We know how hard it is to keep waking up at 5 am to jog before work or even to say no to that piece of really gooey chocolate lava cake. So we give you apps that will keep you on track through 2017!

Fitness apps: Zombies, Run!

Zombies, Run!

This is the most fun running app you’ll ever have on your phone! The zombie apocalypse storyline will keep you on your heels. Each episode requires you to increase speed and distance as you progress, so it isn’t just meant to make you run, it trains you.



Fitness apps: Nike+ Training

Nike+ Training

A sophisticated app, as what you can expect from Nike, that contains 100+ workouts with audio and visual guidance.



Fitness apps: Calorie Counter-Diet

Calorie Counter - MyFitnessPal

Fitness is built 80% by your diet and only 20% by your exercise plan. So it’s important you keep track of your food intake and their calories! But of course it’s not just about the number of calories, it’s choosing the right food that won’t be empty calories.



Fitness apps: Johnson & Johnson official 7 minute workout

The Johnson & Johnson Official 7-Minute Workout

Is a body-weight based workout where all the equipment you’ll need are the floor, a mat, a small chair, and yourself.


Fitness apps: Endomondo


Is “a personal trainer in your pocket.” This app helps with just about any chosen exercise you want. It sets your goals and schedules and helps you organize your exercise plan.


 Fitness apps: Fitocracy


This app connects you to a real live coach at the cheapest rate!


Fitness apps: Fitstar Yoga

Fitstar Yoga

It’s an app by Fitbit and it gives you a yogi in your pocket!

Fitness apps: StrongLifts

StrongLifts 5x5

This app helps you with weight training. It gives you a good course on 5 exercises and guides you through them.


Fitness apps: CarrotFitness apps: CARROT Fit


A favourite! This app has an A.I. that “motivates” you as you go through a 7-minute workout.


Fitness apps: Pokémon Go

Pokémon Go

This may seem bizarre but Pokémon Go is known to have moved an entire generation to do legwork and cardio unlike any other phenomenon known to man! We’re exaggerating but if you want an activity that won’t feel like exercise, we ask you to take your Pokémon hunting to the next level and make sure you cover more distance!

There we have the best 10 apps to keep the energy up until you achieve your goals this 2017!



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