hi5 API Developer
6 years of experience

He is known for delivering quality results, multi-tasking and meeting requirement even before deadlines. Armino loves ...

Carlito P.

Test Automation Engineer
4 years of experience

  Carlito Paul has established good working relationships with customers/clients through his years in t ...


SOA Developer
6 years of experience

6 years of extensive experience in developing company systems using Python and PHP Experienced in Fl ...

Alec M.

Arch Linux Developer
4 years of experience

Established good working relationships with customers/clients. Ability to organize, prioritize and work under extreme ...

Alexis A.

ArcGIS API Developer
5 years of experience

Alexis Ann high ...


Instagram API Developer
4 years of experience

He has a passion for learning which allows himself to continuously learn and adapt to new technologies and processes; ...


Informatica Developer
4 years of experience

He is an excellent problem solver and has a wide range of technical skills. Sevon is proven to be a great asset to de ...

Sadie J.

VB.NET Developer
9 years of experience

An adept software developer with more than 8 years hands-on experience Highly profic ...


Core Java Developer
6 years of experience

Katelyn has years of experience in software development. She has in-depth knowledge of the software develo ...


ColdBox Platform Developer
7 years of experience

Over 7 years experience in software development. Experienced in using C#, OOP, CSS, HTML, JQuery, MV ...

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