QA Analyst
15 years of experience

An experienced IT Professional with full system development life cycle knowledge, which includes designing ...


Vibe.d Developer
9 years of experience

With over seven years of professional experience as a web developer, Jomari has become a quick learner who thrives in ...

Juan M.

vBulletin Developer
8 years of experience

Juan Marcos is a seasoned full stack developer with over 8 years of professional experience in the software ind ...

Gretchen R.

Prototype Developer
7 years of experience

Gretchen is a seasoned Prototype Developer with more than seven (7) years of experience in building full stack web ap ...


Android SDK Developer
3 years of experience

Rolan has passion for Android and Java development. He is constantly striving to learn new technol ...


GraphQL Developer
3 years of experience

His main strength is working with Ruby on Rails and it's technology framework. Han is constantly looking for wa ...


Pyramid Developer
9 years of experience

Kerby has more than nine (9) years of extensive experience in Python Development alongside Django. His years in the i ...


Pylons Developer
3 years of experience

Lianne is a hardworking and diligent developer with the eagerness to improve her skills and learn the ins and outs of ...

Dane A.

Pyjs Developer
6 years of experience

Dane Angelo has a broad background in hardware, software, and network. He participated in trainings such as computer ...


Heroku Developer
8 years of experience

With years of full stack development experience, He possesses expertise in object-oriented analysis/design, Jav ...

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