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Our Story

Knowing that many companies back in the UK are facing skills-shortage issues and experiencing poor outsourcing we launched Cloud Employee.


Who we are

We're on a mission to help businesses - from startups and small enterprises to blue chip companies - easily grow their remote teams at the right cost. Our office is your office.

  • 5offices in
    4 cities
  • 150+staff
  • 80clients from
    15 countries
  • 1-2weeks to build
    your development team
  • 100,000+ Database of
    IT Professionals


Cloud Employee is set up to disrupt and go beyond any other provider in the IT outsourcing industry. We act as a long-term strategic partner for our clients as we help them grow their business.


To empower our partners with exceptional IT services and customer service in order to support startups globally while uplifting Filipino talents. We bridge the gap.

Core Values

Cloud Employees strive to succeed.

We are determined to go above and beyond client's expectations in order to execute successful projects ALL the time.

Cloud Employees are professionals.

Excellence is our end-goal. We build our projects with high regard to quality and timeliness.

Cloud Employees are reliable.

Clients are confident to rely on us to deliver results efficiently and we do so happily.

At Cloud Employee, people are our assets.

We value our people to make sure that every Cloud Employee stays happy and excited to perform their duties everyday.

Cloud Employee values integrity.

We say what we mean and we mean what we say. Above all, we walk the talk.

Cloud Employee is the offshoring of the future.

We bridge the gap between talent and opportunities. Beyond providing dedicated IT professionals, we aim to showcase the Filipino talents around the world.

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