Not all businesses have the capacity or requirement to hire full-time Dedicated Developer. As a solution to this we setup ‘On-Demand’. We have headhunted a team of elite Senior Developers with a range of specialist skill-sets.

On-Demand a cost effective way of employing highly experienced developers without committing to long-term contracts ensuring tasks are completed as and when.

On-Demand is designed to help fill technical labor gaps. This flexible solution gives you the opportunity to take on more work and ensure your business grows and isn’t stunned by local resource constrains.

How it works

We provide pre-paid Developer hours that can be flexible used over 4 months from date of purchase. You can choose from 40, 80 and 160 hours, which can be used in hour segments. The service is designed to help you get through short projects and/or handle other support and maintenance requirements..
  • You can control when hours are used.
  • Used hours are tracked using a time logging system.
  • A detailed report will be sent to you as an when hours are used.
  • A notification will be sent to you when purchased On-Demand Service is down to 2 hours.



On-Demand Pricing

Prices below are subject to tax and VAT in the UK.

Services 40 hours
80 hours
160 hours
PHP £25 per hour £22.50 per hour £20 per hour
Ruby on Rails £35 per hour £32.50 per hour £30 per hour
MS .Net £35 per hour £32.50 per hour £30 per hour
JavaScript/PHP £30 per hour £27.50 per hour £25 per hour
Android/IOS £35 per hour £32.50 per hour £30 per hour
ServiceNow £70 per hour £65 per hour £60 per hour
Other Technologies POA POA POA

Meet the On-Demand Developers

A few companies currently working with offshore staff in the Philippines

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