Cloud Employee Ltd is a UK registered company that specialises in supplying Western businesses with dedicated Web, Mobile and Software Developers who work from our managed facilities in the Philippines. We have offices in London, UK, and in Manila and Cebu City in the Philippines. Our British founders have several years experience in IT Recruitment, Internet Startups, Outsourcing and working in the Philippines.

We have a database of over 100,000 professionals in the Philippines. Our process is to headhunt and pre-assess candidates for you to choose from. Once you have reviewed the CVs and rates, your Account Manager can setup video interviews and/or technical tests with the applicants from our offices to help you select the best option. If you are not satisfied with any of the applicants we provide, there is no obligation to move forward with us.


No, we are not like Odesk or any Freelancer site. You hire dedicated employees through us that work in our Western managed offices in the Philippines. Aside from saving costs, our established infrastructure, recruitment and supervision provide you with a reliable and professional service compared to working with offshore freelancers that often carry multiple risks.

Having had offices in the Philippines for several years whilst building and growing our own online businesses, we often had clients asking us to help with outsourced staffing. We started to help with recruitment and had clients’ staff working from our premises. The service grew naturally and became much larger than we had originally planned, that is why we set up Cloud Employee and opened UK offices. Today we have over 50 clients globally working with our dedicated developers.

We have been providing dedicated cloud employee services for the past five years to a few clients, however, we formally setup Cloud Employee in 2014. The shortage of skilled IT staff in the UK, US and Australia coupled with the booming tech industry meant that businesses all around the world were in need of a secure solution to grow their team, hence their business.
We welcome clients to visit our offices to meet and spend time working with their Cloud employee team. We ensure that you can work next to your Cloud Employee(s) and will supply computers and desk space.



  • Dedicated employee model
  • Dedicated team Model

You tell us the skill-set you require and level of experience and we handle the sourcing, background checks, references and technical assessments to provide you with a shortlist of candidates. You hold the final interviews and technical trial. They work from our supervised offices exclusively for you working the same office hours. You can save up to 80% versus hiring locally.

Our team model works in the same way and we typically first hire a team leader. They are stationed together in a dedicated area in our offices where we like to add your company branding to the walls and provide the team with branded T-Shirts. This enables a client to have their own offshore office in the Philippines without any setup costs or running hassle.

  • We provide your employee with all the office space and tools required to work for you. This includes hardware, software, desk space, Internet connection, backup power generator etc.
  • We deal with all the recruitment and vetting employees you require.
  • You set out your rules and regulations with us and your employee, We are there to supervise and handle any non-work related issues.
  • We provide your business with dedicated space in our off shore offices within our established infrastructure.
You simply provide your dedicated UK Account Manager with the job specifications of the required employee. This is then communicated to our HR department who start the selection process internally and externally. We will then conduct all first interviews and testing of the candidates and provide you with a shortlist for you to select for final interviews
We have two established offices in the Philippines, both located in the major technology working districts enabling us to attract the best talent available. With so many large Western corporations such as Microsoft, Google and IBM having been out here for many years, there is a pool of experienced talent able to cover most requirements within IT.
No, we take care of all of the non-work related issues such as local licensing, permits and taxes. We handle all human resource management of your Cloud employee and are there to implement both incentives and disciplinaries at your request.
Our service provides dedicated cloud employees that work directly underneath the client. We do not typically take on ad-hoc project work. Each employee you hire works exclusively for you on no other projects. The Cloud Employee is part of your team just as if they were sat next to you in your office. Our biometric ‘clock in’ system reports ensure your staff member is at their desk working with you each day.
Many clients have started with one employee but gradually as their business grew, they grew their team with Cloud Employee. A team typically consists of a lead developer to manage the other staff. You communicate with your Lead Developer just as if they were leading the team in your local office they then control, lead and manage your team of developers. Savings become even more significant when scaling your Cloud Employee team.


Cloud Employee can provide you with employees in a range of computer programming languages. We have developed an enormous staffing database and aside from PHP, .NET, Ruby on Rails, Python and IOS we can provide book-keeping, PA’s, customer support staff too.
We currently have just over 80 Cloud employees working in our offices with a number of Clients across the UK, US and Australia. We work with businesses of all sizes including sole traders, SME’s and Blue Chip companies.

Absolutely, The Philippines is the 3rd largest English speaking nation in the world. This is largely due to being colonized by the US for over 50 years. All of our staff hold university degrees and typically take English modules to further their language skills.

The Philippines outsourced industry is now growing at a much faster rate than India due to the language capabilities and culture synergy.

Yes, We have two offices based in the major cities and technical hubs of the Philippines. We have access to some of the most talented skill-sets in the country. We advise discussing specifics with one of our Account Managers who will help you get the Cloud Employee you need.

No you will find all Cloud employee’s are proficient in English. They represent your business and will never mention Cloud Employee.


Cloud Employee Philippines hire the staff but they will be your dedicated employee based in our supervised offices. Your contract will be directly with Cloud Employee Ltd, a UK company.

Yes, this is not a problem. We have VNC and team viewer readily available.
We typically supply full-time Cloud Employees working 168 hours per month however we can provide part-time staff in dependant on the skill-set required.
Contact one of our UK account managers to discuss your job role specifications. Our resourcing team will then implement the recruitment process. This normally takes 1 to 2 weeks but depending on the skill-set you require we can have this accomplished in as early as 2 to 3 days. PHP in particular we can move very quickly on.
Yes think of us as your very own office in the Philippines. We will ensure you have a dedicated area for your team in our advanced offices. You can visit your employees any time in the Philippines and we will ensure we have a desk ready for you to be next to your team.

We require the following in advance.

  1. Signed contract with our UK company
  2. 168 hours paid in advance as we have to pay the chosen staffs’ salaries and benefits

As long as all the paper work is completed they can start straight away. Sometimes your new employee may need to serve notice at their current company.


After the first three (3) months we require 30 days notice period for you to terminate your Cloud Employee contract, replacements are available at any time should you become dissatisfied with your team member and the situation cannot be improved


Yes, we have two locations in the Philippines both in the highly sought after Technical districts of the capital Manila and second city Cebu. We can scale up or down according to your requirements. We ensure your entire team works in the same office together for communication purposes.
Very quickly, a lot depends on the skill set of the staff you wish to hire and their availability. Talk with an Account manager to further understand time scales.
We have 3 office in total. Locations include Manila, the capital city of the Philippines and Cebu, the nations second city. Our Uk office is located in Tech Hub, central London.

The Cloud Employee offices are maintained to international standards. We provide all the latest hardware and software.

Hardware includes:

  • Powerful Pcs and Laptops (Macs must be provided by the client)
  • Dual Screen systems
  • TFT monitors
  • Fax machine, scanners, and printers
  • Skype webcams
  • Headphones

Software includes:

  • Windows XP other common office software
  • License free windows Operating System

OS software is free but we do charge for all licensing software

We provide standard software and hardware but should you require your employee to be equipped with special applications there is an extra charge. Please contact your Account Manager who will go through the requirements with you and we will see if we have them available for you to use free of charge if not they will be purchased and billed directly to you.

Like all offshore hiring, our services are prepaid at the beginning of each month. This is because we have to pay yoru Developer’s salary and benefits.

We make sure that you are satisfied with your Cloud Employee.


Cloud Employee expects payment receipt pre the start of each month. If an employee starts working on the 10th January we would expect payment to be made prior to the 10th of each month.
Clients can setup standing orders or pay via bank transfer. We can also accept payments via Visa, Mastercard and Paypal although additional charges will apply.
Prices range from £7 to £20 per hour exclusive of VAT depending on the skill-set and experience of the developer. Our margins are fixed and inclusive of Recruitment, Onsite Account Manager, Facilities, Office-Space, HY, Payroll etc.



Like all outsourcing contracts, Cloud Employee’s fees are paid up front each month on a rolling basis. We require just 30 days notice to terminate your developer’s contract. This is a low risk method to grow your team as you are not effected by local redundancy issues and other risks associated with taking on new staff in the Uk.



We recommend a range of free downloadable communication and project management tools however you may have preferences so the decision is down to you. Skype, Trello, Basecamp and Team Viewer are just a few of the tools we regularly use however your Cloud Employee can work with whatever existing system’s you and your business currently use.
Yes we offer all new client’s a free technical trial with their Cloud Employee. We handle all recruitment and testing however this is a chance for you to also do some tests pre hiring.

After handling recruitment and background checks we monitor your employee’s attendance, ensure they are working professionally whilst at work, working in accordance with any of your instructions such as blocked websites etc and are supplied with hardware, software and fast internet connections to work efficiently remotely. We do not, however, monitor their daily work output and progress. The employee’s work is monitored and supervised by you, the client.

Our model cuts out the agency middleman allowing you to manage your staff directly ‘day to day’ as though they are in your offices. We are however on site to ensure your employee is working to your standards.

We will continue to supply you with vetted developer’s until you are happy.

Yes we are more than happy for employers to spend time in our offices. We are an extension of your own offices and this is a good chance for you to further get to know your employee or team. We are located less than 30 minutes drive from Manila and Cebu airports and will make sure you have deskspace near your team.

We pride ourselves on being an extension of our client’s offices and have teams of 2, 5, 10 and up. 10 full-time developers at £1500 per month average cost would equate to 3 Uk based developers on £50k annual salary.

Yes, we will show you past work of our Cloud Employees as part of our referencing process.

Your Cloud employee can work exactly the same hours as your own office however they can also work weekends and nights if that’s what you prefer.



As a Uk company we are governed by Uk laws regarding data protection. Our contract is very protective of you the client. Our Uk managers in the Philippines are every present to monitor your employee but in addition to this there are other ways we can protect your data.

  • All your data can be stored on your servers in your office. Your Cloud Employee only has remote access to the data whilst at work, and does not have any of your data saved on our office PC’s unless you allow it.
  • Your data can be stored on Cloud Employee’s servers and so again the employee only has access to the data whilst at work and none of the data is accessible when they are out of the office.
  • USB ports, printers, CD Roms and personal email can be disabled from your employee’s PC so that nothing can be duplicated, sent on or taken home.
  • Software such as Spector Soft can be installed on your employee’s PC that monitors exactly what they do. So you can check the logs at any moment in time.

Number one priority for Cloud Employee is safeguarding a client’s data and valuable intellectual property and we offer protection methods of working with your Cloud Employee.

Thin-Client Solution. The client’s Cloud employee can work in a virtual environment in which your employee’s PC and keyboard are connected directly to your systems. This ensures that all your valuable intellectual property gets stored directly on your server back home and not on the employee’s PC or desktop here.

  • You may request our IT staff to disable certain applications, software and personal webmails in your virtual employee’s PC or laptop. You may even request that your virtual employee be denied access to certain websites.
  • You may also request Cloud Employee to disable all external drives and accessories on an employee’s system (such pen drives, CDs and DVDs etc).




A few companies currently working with offshore staff in the Philippines

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