Every month we will be featuring UK startups who are at the frontiers of innovation. For February, we are putting the spotlight on Tech Essence. With the intention to revolutionise partner marketing, this startup helps marketing professionals make informed decisions on measuring and optimising their multi-channel marketing efforts. 

Company Name: Tech Essence
Founder: Ken Leren
Based in: London, UK
Launched: July 2014

In simple terms, what does your startup do?

Tech Essence is a SaaS-based marketing technology solution provider, specialising in helping marketing professionals make informed decisions on measuring and optimising their multi-channel marketing efforts. With the intention to revolutionise partner marketing, we have developed our own proprietary platform, Marketing Town, to take campaign management, tracking and analytics to the next level.


What problem/s do you seek to solve or help?

Marketing Town gives data-driven organisations a simple, powerful marketing technology for supply chain management. We empower marketers with the ability to make better decisions, drive intuitive insights and scale and optimise all their multi-channel marketing activities in real time.

Offering an integrated tracking solution, along with unique insights and reporting capabilities, Marketing Town paves the way for performance-based marketing practices that let businesses understand the entire digital marketing spend and act faster and more effectively.

The complete trust of our clients is our primary business priority, which is why we help customers deal with industry challenges around supply chain visibility, integrity, and transparency. An essential differentiator for today’s digital marketing world, Marketing Town means revolutionizing the way businesses recognise value and do business with one another.


Are you funded and how?

We have developed a highly effective sales cycle, ensuring we have the correct processes in place to drive business growth and profit to our bottom line. Two years ago, however, we received £255,000 from angel investors and hedge fund. 


What were you doing before you started Tech Essence?

I worked within the marketing and advertising industry for nearly 5 years, before identifying a gap in the market and being bitten by the entrepreneurial bug. Once I identified an opportunity that others have missed, I quit my advertising consultancy job to build a start-up as a single founder and become my own boss. I have dreamed of owning my own business for as long as I remember, but I was waiting to find the opportunity that it was right for me. At the end of 2013, I realised that was the moment so I turned my startup idea into reality by founding Tech Essence.

The Tech Essence Team

What inspired you to start Tech Essence?

The performance marketing industry is highly fragmented in Europe and United States, creating consolidation opportunities for a platform like Marketing Town. Competitors were not providing a cross channel marketing campaign overview, so the challenge was clearly to build a platform that aggregates campaign tracking, reporting and analytics into a comprehensive platform, as well as allow brands to design everything themselves rather than fitting their campaigns in one mould. 

Marketing Town challenges the current lead management, affiliate, and analytics platforms as it is designed to automate campaign tracking and optimisation processes, while saving time and cost. Advertisers and marketers cannot only track, report, analyse, optimise and bill all types of advertising, but also reach a much larger target area through our extensive list of leading marketing partners. Being an all-in-one marketing platform, clients can track and monitor traffic and measure the effectiveness of campaigns in real-time. 


What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do see yourself and Tech Essence?

My growth strategy focuses on expanding overseas, improving Marketing Town’s interface, adopting global thinking to manage the business, and most importantly remain competitive with the constant introduction of new features and improvement of existing ones. The industry is increasingly focusing on innovation; thus Tech Essence has a major opportunity to move forward in line with customer demand, industry best practice and benefit from increased profitability.

Staying ahead in the ever-changing industry that is digital marketing can only be achieved through continued and innovative change of myself, the company, and our technology. I look forward to growing the company, acquiring new talent, moving into new geographies, and basically continuing the journey Tech Essence is already on.


Images courtesy of Tech Essence. To learn more, visit the Marketing Town website.

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