More and more UK startups are paving the way for innovations, and we’re glad to feature another ingenious startup that is a part of the movementSyndicateRoom. As they have been successfully making the early-stage equity fundraising process manageable and convenient for both companies and investors since their founding, this startup is trusted by a growing number of businesses.

Company name: SyndicateRoom
Founders: Gonçalo de Vasconcelos and Tom Britton
Based in: Cambridge
Launched: 2013


In simple terms, what does your startup do?

We make the early-stage equity fundraising process efficient and the post-raise experience manageable for both companies and investors.


What problem/s do you seek to solve or help?

Raising finance from a large group of investors is a painstakingly slow and cumbersome process made worse by the uncertainty of investment completion. Through our platform, we’ve reduced the time (and associated stress) of raising capital, and through our nominee service, we take the headache out of managing investments post raise.


Are you funded and how?

Angels, VCT, and Crowd Investors.


What were you doing before you started SyndicateRoom?

Gonçalo: I was a civil engineer working with TFL before I decided to read for my MBA at Cambridge Judge Business School. It was there that, while working with the local angel networks, I had the idea for SyndicateRoom. I wrote my final paper for the MBA on the regulatory framework that we’d need to implement to make SyndicateRoom work and I’ve not looked back since.

Tom: I initially moved to the UK to play football professionally, but after a few years bouncing around in the lower leagues, I decided to turn my attention to my other passion: technology. I found a great job working as the product manager for TheTrainline and after a few years learning the trade and launching their first mobile applications on the iPhone (in 2010) and other phones after, I decided to go for my MBA and got into Cambridge. I met Gonçalo through one of the school events, and after discussing the idea for SyndicateRoom over a beer, I was sold and starting working with him on the project while I completed my Master’s.

The SyndicateRoom Headquarters, The Pitt Building 

What inspired you to start SyndicateRoom?

Frustration with the current opportunities to invest in early-stage companies through other platforms and the complete lack of due diligence, investor protections, and post-investment investor representation. Having worked with the angels in Cambridge I knew the levels of due diligence they were conducting, the investor protections they provided, and the guidance and mentorship they continued to provide post fundraising, and I was annoyed that I couldn’t invest with them. So I started the platform to give myself, and others, the opportunity to do just that.


What are your goals for the next 5 years? Where do see yourself and SyndicateRoom?

First with our investor-led model, then with our move to bring more retail investors into IPOs, and finally with our introduction of the first algorithmically deployed EIS fund, we have always strived, and will continue to strive, to give retail investors access to the investment opportunities that the professionals see, and enable them to invest on the same economic terms.

As we progress in our journey, this will first manifest through finding ways to give our investors access to later and later stages of equity fundraising. After that, well, we can’t give away too many secrets.


Images courtesy of SyndicateRoom. To learn more, visit the SyndicateRoom website.

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