September 2016 - Your Offshore Software Developer Provider | Cloud Employee

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Sep 28

As the world runs massively on technology today, it is not surprising that IT professionals, software engineers, and developers are the most in-demand professions in the job market globally. With the exponential growth year after year of websites, applications, social networks, and proliferation of mobile devices, demand has also grown exponentially for highly skilled web […]

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Sep 27

On June 23rd this year, 52% of UK voted to leave the European Union (EU) in a ground-shifting decision known as Brexit. In the months leading to the referendum, top economists stated that Brexit is bad news not just for UK but for the world economy. Possible recession, a slowdown in economic growth, and a […]

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Sep 23

For your weekend fix, we combed the netheryayas of YouTube and Vimeo and come up with these hilarious gems. College Humor Have you ever wondered — If Google Was A Guy Will it be the blue pill or the red pill? Matrix runs on Windows XP Tech support gives a helping hand. Porn Tech Support […]

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Sep 16

Software is eating the world, tech investor Marc Andreessen observed in 2011. And it seems it has also taken over our favorite pastime: spending time glued to the screen. We’ve come up with 5 tech-inspired shows you can binge over the weekend while hacking on your side project or whatnot. Mr Robot (USA Network) A […]

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Sep 13

You’ve probably seen the headlines: Over 100 million downloads $10 million a day in revenue More installs than dating app Tinder More active daily users than Twitter Blockbuster stats from the mobile gaming phenomenon that we know as Pokémon Go. And while there are indications that game usage has now peaked, the game is expected […]

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Sep 6

The Philippine economy is on a roll. Last year the Philippines is second only to China in Bloomberg’s list of the world’s fastest growing economies. Then it surged ahead with a 6.9% GDP growth in the first quarter of 2016, overtaking China’s regional lead for the first time. It further improved to a second quarter […]

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